We pride ourselves in providing service with dignity, dedication and respect to our clients in their time of need.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is a stressful and emotional time. It is essential that family members are guided through the grieving process. We understand this process and know that it is extremely difficult for all concerned. We use our knowledge and experience to reduce your stress and anxiety and do our utmost to arrange a memorable and uplifting funeral service experience. Our services cater to the needs of the individuals as we help celebrate the life of those close to you. We are available 24 hours, seven days a week to ease your burden, to help you grieve and to best assist you in your time of need.

The staff at Victoria Funerals welcomes you

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George Dellaportas, Rikard Gashi, Chris Stamelos, George Karogiannis, Craig Broderick. Athena Tsoukalas, Maria Stamelos , Jenny Petruolo.

Chris & Maria Stamelos - Funeral Directors Melbourne - Victoria Funerals

What To Do When Someone Dies

If you were in charge of arranging a funeral, would you know what to do or where to start?

Pre-Paid Funeral Arrangements

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements relieves your family of the stressful responsibility of making difficult decisions at a time of immense grief.

Orthodox Funerals Melbourne

Victoria Funerals has established itself as a funeral provider for many families in the Greek, Macedonian, Serbian and Indian Orthodox communities who now recognise all the Victoria Funerals staff to the point where we feel like we are members of their community.

Our Very Special Thankyou’s

We give our thanks to those families who either verbally or in writing express their feelings about our service and the events on the day of the funeral.

Our Premises

Victoria Funerals was custom built to provide client families with the highest level of comfort and convenience.

Our Services

  • Burial

    People usually choose burial for traditional or religious reasons. Some may simply prefer it to the option of being cremated. For many, the ability to visit a grave or erect a monument in memory of a loved one provides them with comfort and helps them come to terms with their loss.

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  • Cremation

    There are a number of reasons why people choose to be cremated: it may simply be a personal preference, it may be a financial consideration as it is less costly than being buried, or it may be due to the larger number of options in the way you can be memorialized.

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  • Funeral Services

    Our personal touch and attention to detail ensures that your loved one will receive the most dignified send off that he or she deserves. The scope of our funeral services includes obtaining the death certificate, casket or coffin selection, floral arrangements, memorial services, refreshments, burial or cremation, funeral photography and more.

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  • Orthodox Funerals

    The Orthodox division of Victoria Funerals is headed by Chris Stamelos who has been arranging and conducting Orthodox funerals in Melbourne for over 20 years.

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  • Types of Service

    In a traditional funeral service your loved one is present and you can have a viewing with the coffin opened or closed. Generally a member of the clergy conducts a service of remembrance either in Church or in our Chapel. This is followed by a funeral cortege to the Cemetery or Crematorium where a final committal ceremony takes place.

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  • Viewing

    A viewing may be held in a Church or in our Chapel, and provides an opportunity to family and friends to spend time with their loved one and say goodbye in their own way. Personal items may be placed in the coffin at this time.

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  • Repatriation

    With today’s ease in covering great distances, it’s common to travel, study, work or retire in a place other than your country of birth. If a death occurs in any of these circumstances, we can provide you with expert services to bring your loved one back to Australia or send them interstate or overseas for interment.

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  • Exhumation

    Exhumation is the removal from the ground of the remains of a human being. These remains can be in the form of a body or cremated remains.

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  • Funeral Planning

    When someone dies, the person responsible for the funeral arrangements is already in a state of mourning and shock, and is further burdened by having to make difficult decisions at a time when they cannot think clearly. The most frequent question asked at this time is ‘What would they have preferred?’

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  • Pre-Paid Funerals

    By taking the further step of pre-paying your funeral costs you ensure that the choices you made in the planning stage are confirmed arrangements for your funeral service. By pre-paying you also lift the financial burden from your family.

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  • Floral Tributes

    Expressing your feelings at such a sensitive and emotional time can often be difficult. For centuries, people have used the gentle beauty of flowers to express their sympathy and thoughts.

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  • Donations

    Today many people are choosing the option of donations instead of flowers. This is a personal choice often influenced by the family’s experiences. For some families the choice is a hospital that cared for their loved one, for others it is their church, which gives strength and comfort in times of need.

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  • Memorial Books, Cards, Keepsakes & Tributes

    Our Memorial Book is a hard-cover volume covered with printed and embossed buckram, creating a long-lasting, treasured heirloom. Memorial Cards are specially individualised mementos given to family and friends as a tribute to the deceased. A Memorial Keepsake can offer great comfort to those who have lost someone they love.

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  • Mosaics – Headstones, Memorials, Mausolea

    Victoria Funerals supports local artists and strives to offer families ideas for alternative and creative new ways of memorializing the loved one that has passed away.One of these methods is mosaic, created by Italian trained artist Fabian Scaunich.

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  • Dove, Balloon & Butterfly Release

    White doves represent love, peace and serenity. The butterfly symbolizes freedom, love, hope and renewal of life. Whilst releasing helium balloons is becoming a popular way of adding a special touch to a funeral service.

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  • Refreshments

    We offer a range of menus to suit varied requests and budgets. We ensure that the menu is tailored to your specific requirements and is to your complete satisfaction.

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  • Funeral Photography

    A photographic documentation of a funeral will record generations of mourners and their circle of friends and will take its place alongside other precious family heirlooms, to reminisce or to show to those who were too young to remember.

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  • Death Masks & Memorial Castings

    Memorial castings are a wonderful lasting tribute to a deceased loved one and are ideal for keeping one’s memory alive in a unique, artistic manner. The choice may be to have a casting made of nurturing hands or loving face, both providing comfort through the ability to have contact with an exact replica of the original. At the family’s request ashes can also be incorporated into the casting.

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  • Thank you very much for a very respectful funeral for Dad.
    Everything was perfect. Your genuine compassion and understanding was greatly appreciated. Please extend our thanks to all the staff that participated on the day. They were very professional and respectful. Heartfelt appreciation Margaret & Bartolo read more testimonials

  • Your care and support, your efficiency, your respectful and matter of fact demeanor, the extent to which you went to ensure all we wanted was arranged and carried out so easily and many other things were all appreciated by us. Thank you. Ken read more testimonials