Environmentally Friendly Coffins

The Artisan

  • Unique Design
  • Wool fleece matress & pillow
  • Biodegradable timber
  • Completely removeable lid

With its innovative design and exceptional build quality, the Artisan, manufactured in Australia by the Amalgamated Casket Company, marries product quality with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

The Artisan is made using minimal materials. Tailored in biodegradable timber, the product is coated in a rich oil giving it a warm natural look.

Teamed with its eco-friendly components, the Artisan comes standard with a wool fleece mattress and pillow to provide natural cushioning. It has a completely removable lid and lower sides which may assist the viewing experience. The Artisan is designed to meet client family ideals – ensuring that the final footprint is a small one, without sacrificing the quality of casket they want for their loved one.

The Enviro

  • Plantation grown radiata pine
  • Water based adhesive
  • Lined with unbleached calico
  • Lid secured with wooden dowels
  • Rope handles made of natural fibres

The Enviro coffin or casket is the perfect choice for people who cared about the environment while they were alive, and want to minimize their impact on the environment in death. The Enviro range is manufactured in Australia by the Amalgamated Casket Company from plantation grown radiata pine, which is a renewable resource.

The coffin and casket are left 'raw' and are completely free of laquer, paint and stain. The glue used in the manufacture of The Enviro is an EO water based adhesive. It is lined with unbleached calico and the plastic-like material lining the base is a natural and compostable product made from a non food vegetable extract.

To secure the lid, four simple wooden dowels are used instead of the usual plastic or metal thumbscrews. Six sisal rope handles made of natural fibres replace the more traditional plastic or metal handles.

The Enviro is suitable for cremation and burial and has been approved for use in Natural Burial Cemeteries.

Life Art


LifeArt is an Australian owned company specialising in the manufacture of personalised and environmentally friendly coffins from recycled cardboard and paper.

The LifeArt cardboard coffins maintain the industry standard standard with the same capability and strength of traditional timber coffins and are the ideal material for digital printing. This allows the coffin to be personalised with any image, colour or design. The finish is one of high quality and the beautiful colour images. Enviroboard coffins have been independently tested and meet all regulatory and Funeral Industry requirements.

To see the full range of LifeArt coffins available please visit www.lifeart.com.au



Australian Cedar

Abundant Roses

Endless Wave




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