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Pre-planning your funeral arrangements relieves your family of the stressful responsibility of making difficult decisions at a time of immense grief.

Do you want an environmentally friendly coffin for your funeral?
There’s only one way to guarantee that you get one.

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements lets you make all the choices with regards to the many details that go into planning a funeral arrangement. It also relieves your family of the stressful responsibility of making these difficult decisions at a time of immense grief. Their main concern will be whether they are choosing the items you would have chosen yourself. You can make it easier for them by telling them exactly what you would like or by documenting your wishes with a funeral director as a pre-planned funeral.

By taking the further step of pre-paying your funeral costs you ensure that the choices you made in the planning stage are confirmed arrangements for your funeral service. Not only do you relieve your family of making these choices but by pre-paying your funeral you also have the peace of mind that you have lifted the financial burden of your funeral from your family’s shoulders.

Life for a single person, a young family or a couple on the pension is difficult enough without the unforeseen and unexpected costs of a funeral.

Pre-paying now means you lock in the cost of your funeral at today’s prices regardless of inflation.

There will be no additional costs in 10 or 20 years when you need the funeral and you will have paid for it at today’s prices.

There is the added benefit to pensioners that these pre-paid funerals are exempt from consideration as an asset. Also, pre-paying your funeral costs now gives you the assurance of owning a grave in a Cemetery where availability is limited and which may have no new graves in the future.

With Funeral Insurance and Life Insurance you receive a benefit at the time of death to pay for the funeral expenses but it doesn’t give you the advantage of not worrying about price increases until you need it. Nor does it give you the chance to plan the kind of funeral you would like to have. If you stop paying for Funeral Insurance because you cannot afford the premiums, you lose all the contributions you have made. Furthermore, calculate your Funeral Insurance premiums over the next 10 or20 years and you will find that they add up to much more than your actual funeral costs.

Our pre-paid funeral contracts are held in trust by State Trustees. State Trustees has a Funeral Bond which is operated by Foresters Friendly Society in accordance with the Funeral Act 2006 and supporting Regulations. Pre-paid funeral funds are capital guaranteed. These funds cannot be accessed by Victoria Funerals until the pre-paid funeral service has been provided.

Payments can be made by monthly direct debit over a period of 24 months. Prices will continue to increase until such a time as the investment amount has been paid in full. Once payment has been made in full, all prices will remain fixed forever.

See the table below for a direct comparison of the key features of a prepaid funerals and funeral insurance:

Prepaid Funerals Vs Funeral Insurance


Cost Fixed Price Premiums may increase with age
Payment Frequency

One payment or Monthly payments over 36 months for the itemised cost of your funeral Monthly payments for the rest of your life or to age 90
Joint Names?
Select your Funeral Director?

Specify what you want in your funeral package?

Pension Advantage?
What happens if you stop your payments? The money is still there in your name

Policy may be forfeited following one premium payment falling into arrears

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