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As the first generation of Australian born Greeks begin bidding farewell to their parents, those adventurous and hopeful migrants who left their homes and families to come to Australia for a better life, many of them find that they are uncertain of the funeral rites and associated traditions because religious guidance in the family was always provided by the parents. What they are certain of however, is that they want the funeral proceedings to be in accordance with the traditional Orthodox funeral exactly as their parents would have wanted.

Victoria Funerals understands the importance of this undertaking. Chris Stamelos applies his vast knowledge and experience to provide a traditional Greek Orthodox funeral that every one of those hard-working migrants would be proud of. From the first call, to the arrangement which usually takes place in the family home, to the dressing of the deceased by the family, to the Trisagion and finally the Orthodox funeral service, Chris and Maria and their specialist staff guide and direct the family through the whole process so that all the religious and cultural requirements are observed and fulfilled.


Chris & Maria Stamelos - Funeral Directors Melbourne - Victoria Funerals
Victoria Funerals conducts the majority of Greek Orthodox funerals in Melbourne. Chris and Maria are often seen in the midst of the Greek Orthodox community that has come to know them and respect them, as they participate in and sponsor Church festivals and fundraisers.


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At Victoria Funerals our personal touch and attention to detail ensures that your loved one will receive the most dignified farewell that he or she deserves. The scope of our funeral services includes booking the burial or cremation, obtaining the death certificate, Centrelink notification, casket or coffin selection, floral tribute selection, memorial cards, refreshments, funeral photography and more.