People usually choose burial for traditional or religious reasons. Some may simply prefer it to the option of being cremated. For many, the ability to visit a grave or erect a monument in memory of a loved one provides them with comfort and helps them come to terms with their loss.

When a burial is intended, a decision needs to be made about the type of grave that is required. We liaise with the Cemetery of your choice to determine what options are available and then assist you through the process of selecting and purchasing cemetery plots.

Graves Types



Monumental Graves are for granite or marble monuments which cover the entire grave. Monumental graves can accommodate up to three burials.

Head Stone Lawn Graves are set in lawns, either in rows or amongst landscaped gardens. They are marked by a headstone of granite or marble and can accommodate up to three burials.

Plaque Lawn Graves are set in lawns and are marked by granite or bronze plaques set flush into the ground. They can accommodate up to three burials and can be accompanied by a single, double or triple plaque.

Raised Beam Lawn Graves feature a granite, glass or bronze plaque laid into a raised concrete beam. Up to three burials can be accommodated.

Children's Lawn Graves - In special areas that have been allocated to commemorate children, Children’s Lawn Graves can be personalised with lawn plaques or headstones. These graves only accommodate one burial.

Vault Graves are concrete-lined monumental graves that can accommodate two burials. Semi-lined vaults have concrete walls and cover and are marked by a headstone. Fully-lined vaults have concrete floor, walls and cover and are marked by a full monument.

Crypt - A mausoleum is an above ground entombment that houses many crypts. Crypt sizes available are: single, double and up to four burials. These are marked by glass or bronze plaques.

Family Mausoleum - custom designed to hold the number of crypts required by the family.


Grave Options


A grave is ‘at need’ when it is required for immediate burial and the cemetery allocates the next available one. If you wish, you may view available graves and select your preferred location for an additional fee. At the time of purchase the number of burials must be specified. The Cemetery issues a Right of Burial to the owner specifying grave details.


A grave is ‘pre-need’ when it is required for future burial. Often when a death occurs, family members wish to secure a grave either directly beside or nearby for future use. The number of burials must be specified at time of purchase. The cemetery issues a Right of Burial to the owner specifying grave site details.


If a grave is already owned and occupied, it will require re-opening where allowance has been made for a second or third burial.

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