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Victoria Funerals supports local artists and strives to offer families ideas for alternative and creative new ways of memorializing the loved one that has passed away.

One of these methods is mosaic, created by Italian trained artist Fabian Scaunich.

Mosaic is the art of creative and artistic arrangement of small pieces of glass, stone, pottery or other materials for two-dimensional designs or pictures.

Mosaics have endured the passage of time from their earliest use of pebbles by the Greeks in 8th century BC. It is a media that never fades or has to be renewed and which stands out as being creative or making a statement so it is perfect for use on a headstone, monument or mausoleum.

Mosaic may appeal to those seeking to create something special that is different to what everyone else is using to memorialize a loved one. Another alternative may be to have a mosaic photo on a monument which will withstand extreme weather conditions. Photos can be faithfully reproduced with mosaic as can be seen in the example below.

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Below are mosaics on 19th century headstones, monuments and mausolea in Staglieno Cemetery, Genoa that have withstood the test of time.


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