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What is a Wake?

While the word ‘wake’ had a different meaning historically, today it signifies the conclusion of the Funeral Service at a social gathering with refreshments following a Church or Chapel service. Often referred to as a wake, funeral refreshments, funeral catering or even celebration of life, a Wake can take place in the family home, at the Funeral Home, in a Church hall, a Social Club, a Function Centre, at the Cemetery or in a pub or restaurant.

Following on from the more formal service, a Wake is a relaxed social gathering that takes place after the Church or Chapel service. It provides mourners with an opportunity to offer their condolences to the family in a more casual environment. It’s time when friends and family can comfort each other in grief, share memories of their loved one and celebrate the life they lived. Usually a video tribute or photos on a screen share the important occasions in their life, while food and beverage is being served. Often the loved one’s favourite food or alcohol is served in their honour.

After a long and emotional day when everyone is tired, hungry and thirsty, it’s a relief for the family to finally arrive at the Wake and enjoy refreshments with relatives and friends, some of whom they may not have seen for some time. This is where they can relax in an environment designed to create peace and harmony, a place where they are surrounded by the love and support of those closest to them, where everyone can share their emotions and find closure for their loss.

When does the Wake take place?

The Wake can be sequenced in a number of different ways, depending on the family’s preference and the services required.

1) A Memorial Service ( the deceased is not present) can be followed by the Wake.
2) A Funeral Service with unattended Cremation can be followed directly by the Wake.
3) A Funeral Service can be followed by a Burial Service and Wake in two different sequences:
      (i) The Funeral Service can be followed by the Burial Service and then by the Wake.
      (ii) The Funeral Service can be followed by the Wake and then by the Burial Service.

Why choose Victoria Funerals?

At a difficult time of grief, if you’re thinking of holding a funeral wake, the prospect of planning everything – the venue, food, dietary requirements, alcohol, video tribute, music, might feel very daunting. Instead of having to organise the last part of the Funeral Service on your own, Victoria Funerals can organise everything for you once you have selected from our range of menus. This means that from the start to the end of the Funeral Service, all aspects will be organised for the family including a Mourning Coach or Limousine to transfer them between the various locations of the Funeral Service. Victoria Funerals has ample parking for all attendees at both Victoria Funerals and Victoria Functions.

Victoria Funerals has two options for the Wake:
(i) Catering is provided adjacent to the Chapel at Victoria Funerals for 50 attendees or less.
(ii) Catering for more than 100 attendees is providedat Victoria Functions, a new purpose-built centre directly behind Victoria Funerals that includes a Café.

For Funeral Services that take place in Church, attendees come to Victoria Funerals for the Wake after Church in the event of unattended Cremation, or after the Burial Service. For Funeral Services that take place in our Chapel, these are followed by the Wake in the event of an unattended Cremation. This means that mourners need only attend one location.

For Funeral Services in our Chapel followed by Burial, there are two choices:
(i) The family can proceed to the Burial and then return for the Wake.
(ii) The family can have the Wake directly after the Funeral, having scheduled it right on lunch time and then family and attendees leave in cortege to attend the burial.

This option ensures that the refreshments are not served very late in the afternoon after a long and emotional day, when everyone is tired and hungry. This option also reduces the amount of travelling that is required by limiting it to two locations instead of three. If you prefer to have your Wake at the Cemetery, Victoria Funerals can organise this on your behalf as well.

Speak to your Funeral Director during your consultation about your requirements and peruse our range of menus.

If you are planning ahead, call us on 03 9381 2200 or contact us by email at admin@victoriafunerals.com.au for further information.

Call to make an appointment if you would like a tour of Victoria Funerals and Victoria Functions.


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