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Victoria Funerals offers prearranged funeral plans that give you the freedom to pre-plan your funeral arrangements to make things easier for your family during the grieving process. You can also opt for prepaid funeral costs, thus eliminating the financial burden on your family.

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No matter when you book our services, there will be no additional costs, even if your prepaid funeral costs were paid 10 or 20 years ago. Another benefit of having your funeral pre-decided and prepaid is that if you also pre-pay your burial plot, you get the assurance of owning a grave in the cemetery where space is limited.

Prepaid-Funeral-Plans-Costs-Services-Pre-paying now means you lock in the cost of your funeral at today’s prices regardless of inflation.

Opting for our prepaid funeral services is far better than investing in funeral insurance or life insurance as you do not have to worry about paying premiums at regular intervals, which also increase with age. When you calculate the total of premiums paid for funeral insurance, you will realise this amount is much higher than the actual funeral cost as premiums continue for the rest of your life whereas the pre-paid funeral payments stop when you have reached the cost of your funeral service.

The prepaid funeral services that we offer are subject to contracts with the State Trustees. State Trustees has a Funeral Bond, operated by Foresters Friendly Society. This bond is in accordance with the Funeral Act 2006 and supporting Regulations. As prepaid funeral funds are capital guaranteed, they cannot be used by Victoria Funerals until the prepaid funeral service has been provided.

The payments for our services can be made on a monthly basis for a period of 24 months. Until the complete amount is paid, the prices will continue to increase. Once you have paid the entire amount, the prices remain fixed forever.

Comparison between Prepaid Funerals and Funeral Insurance


Cost Fixed Price Premiums may increase with age
Payment Frequency

One payment or Monthly payments over 36 months for the itemised cost of your funeral Monthly payments for the rest of your life or to age 90
Joint Names?
Select your Funeral Director?

Specify what you want in your funeral package?

Pension Advantage?
What happens if you stop your payments? The money is still there in your name

Policy may be forfeited following one premium payment falling into arrears

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Prepaid Funeral FAQ

  • • What is prepaid funeral?
  • As the name suggests, prepaid funeral means paying for your funeral in advance.The person opting for this service documents the style and type of funeral preferred and pays for the prepaid funeral services at the current cost.

  • • What are the benefits of opting for a prepaid funeral plan?
  • Opting for a prepaid funeral plan offers convenience to your family in difficult times. The ever-increasing cost of a funeral can financially burden your loved ones. However, if you pay for your funeral cost in advance, you are freeing your family from this burden. Also, in this difficult situation, your family may find it difficult to make decisions regarding the arrangements. As with a prepaid funeral, you document all your wishes; your family is free from this stressful responsibility as well.

  • • Who is eligible for a prepaid funeral plan?
  • Prepaid funeral service can be availed by anyone irrespective of their age or health conditions. One can compare the various prepaid funeral plans available and make a decision accordingly.

  • • What is included in a prepaid funeral plan?
  • Anything and everything related to your funeral can be included in our prepaid funeral plan.We can make arrangements for:
    • • Preparation of the body
    • • The venue for the service
    • • Hearse and other vehicles
    • • Viewing arrangements
    • • Cremation or burial
    • • Memorial tree planting
    • • Special arrangements for music or poems

    • What happens to the money I pay in advance?
  • The money that we take from you for your funeral is invested into an independent trust or friendly society or trustee company. The funds are released to the Funeral Director only when the funeral needs to be carried out.

  • • How can I pay for my funeral plan?
  • You can either pay the entire amount in one go or opt for paying instalments.

  • • What happens if my prepaid funeral service is booked in a particular state and my death occurs overseas or interstate?
  • In such cases, the Funeral Director needs to be informed immediately. Arrangements for transporting the body of the deceased can be made for an additional fee. Also, if the funeral is conducted overseas or interstate, the secured funds can be paid to the estate.

  • • Can I withdraw the money invested in my funeral plan?
  • Money from your prepaid funeral plan cannot be withdrawnbefore death or used for some other purpose. However, if you are not happy with your Pre-Paid Funeral Plan, you can cancel your investment and receive a refund in 14 days of confirming the cancellation.

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