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More than any other event in a family’s history, a funeral is a key moment that brings together all the generations of one’s family. It is a unique gathering of family, friends and colleagues that would not otherwise congregate, drawn together by the memory of one person who has touched and enriched their lives. They join together to celebrate the life, achievements and legacy of the one they have loved and lost. A photographic documentation of this gathering will record generations of mourners and their circle of friends and will take its place alongside other precious family heirlooms, to reminisce or to show to those who were too young to remember.

Some friends and family are unable to attend due to reasons of ill health or location. Capturing a loved one’s farewell in images provides them with the opportunity to view the day’s proceedings and feel like they have participated in the funeral service they were unable to attend. It helps to ease the pain and regret of not being there and may help to bring closure.

Some families request photographs because previous experience has shown them that their grief will leave them with a vague recollection of the day’s events.

Photography can include the family home, a favourite pet, the Viewing, Rosary and Funeral Service. Please discuss your requirements with your funeral director when arranging the funeral.

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