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There are a number of reasons why people choose to be cremated: it may simply be a personal preference, it may be a financial consideration as it is less costly than being buried, or it may be due to the larger number of options in the way you can be memorialized.

When a cremation is intended, the cremated remains may be:

  • kept at home;
  • interred in a grave;
  • scattered in one or multiple favourite locations;
  • submerged at sea in a deep water biodegradable urn;
  • divided amongst family members;
  • or a small portion placed in a jewelery urn.


There are a number of ways in which you can create an everlasting memorial to your loved one.

Memorial Types



Wall Niches are available as individual and companion niches and are marked with a bronze plaque. Most include a bronze flower vase.

Garden Niches - Cremated remains are usually interred in the garden bed behind the bronze memorial plaque.

Garden Memorials - A plant, tree or boulder can become a natural memorial, whether cremated remains are interred or scattered. Single and double positions are available, as are family groupings.

Rose Memorials - Rose borders are set in formal beds with bronze plaques. Companion Roses are positioned so that each plant provides two interments. A Family Rose is positioned to create room for up to four plaques, creating a family memorial.

Tree Memorials - Individual dedications and family groupings of up to four memorial plaques can be made around a special tree.

Boulder Memorials - Boulder memorials are chosen as companion or family settings and can be positioned individually or in garden beds to create an everlasting commemoration.

The Book of Remembrance is housed in a Chapel, and records the loved ones whose remains are held in individual urns or have been scattered elsewhere.


Memorial Types


A grave is ‘at need’ when it is required for immediate burial and the cemetery allocates the next available one. If you wish, you may view available graves and select your preferred location for an additional fee. At the time of purchase the number of burials must be specified. The Cemetery issues a Right of Burial to the owner specifying grave details.


A grave is ‘pre-need’ when it is required for future burial. Often when a death occurs, family members wish to secure a grave either directly beside or nearby for future use. The number of burials must be specified at time of purchase. The cemetery issues a Right of Burial to the owner specifying grave site details.


If a grave is already owned and occupied, it will require re-opening where allowance has been made for a second or third burial.

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