What To Do When Someone Dies




Death is a topic people often avoid speaking about. Many people would not know what to do if confronted with such a task. There are many decisions and choices to be made, which can be even more difficult to make when in a state of grief and shock. When making these decisions it is not uncommon to wonder what a loved one may have preferred. A prior discussion would have relieved you of uncertainties and would have given you the comfort of knowing that all the right choices had been made.

The important thing to remember is that the sooner you contact Victoria Funerals, the earlier we can assist you by making arrangements.

When someone dies in a Hospital or Hospice, a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be organised if there was an existing medical condition. Once this has been issued we can proceed with the transfer of your loved one to our Funeral Home.

When someone dies at home, in a Nursing Home or Aged Care Facility, the attending doctor will issue a Verification of Death and we can then transfer your loved one to our Funeral Home. We will then organise a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

If a death is unexpected or the result of an accident, the deceased is transferred to the State Coroner, who investigates and determines the cause and circumstances of death. During this time, Victoria Funerals can begin to make arrangements while waiting for your loved one to be transferred to our Funeral Home.

If someone dies while they are interstate or overseas, Victoria Funerals works closely with the family concerned to make the necessary arrangements to have your loved one brought home, as well as making all the funeral arrangements.

Or, if it was their wish to be buried interstate or overseas, Victoria Funerals can make all the necessary arrangements to send them to a consignee, a nominated person who takes responsibility for your loved one once they arrive in the desired state or country.

If the deceased has been receiving an Age or Invalid Pension, Victoria Funerals would send a Notification of Death to Centrelink. A surviving spouse would then be eligible for the Bereavement Benefit.


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