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It’s often with trepidation, if at all, that we broach the topic of being prepared for our own funeral but with the increased onslaught of advertising it’s becoming more difficult to avoid this topic. The positive outcome of this flood of advertising is that, slowly but gradually, talking about your own funeral is becoming less of a taboo subject.

Pre-planning your funeral arrangements is one of the most thoughtful and loving things you can do for your family.

Just as you would not ask someone else to prepare your will, preparing your funeral as either a prepayment or pre-arrangement, leaves you with a sense of completion and peace of mind in having put your affairs in order and then being able to forget about them till they are required.

Pre-planning provides you with the opportunity to collate all the personal details and information that may not be known or may not be readily available to members of your family. It also allows you time to make logical and thoughtful arrangements for your funeral service. There are many small but significant choices that need to be made to create a meaningful service that reflects you as an individual, your personal lifestyle, customs and beliefs.

If your wish is to be repatriated you should state this in your will, or at least discuss your wishes with family and close friends so they can fulfil your final wishes.

If you prefer to leave your funeral arrangements to your family but still wish to relieve them of the financial burden, we can arrange a Funeral Bond for you with Foresters Friendly Society.

Funeral planning links to certain estate issues that can be finalised at the same time, putting your mind at rest that everything is organised and in order.

To assist you in pre-planning, please complete our document ‘Funeral Planning’ and leave a copy with a family member to enable them to fulfil your wishes. A copy can be obtained by calling our office on 03 9381 2200, 24 hours a day, or by sending an email to


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