Orthodox Memorial Services




Families consult their parish priest flowing following a funeral, in order to observe the customary memorial services at 9 days, 40 days, six months and twelve months after death.

A notice is usually placed in the Greek newspaper announcing the memorial service, Mnymosino, which is usually held on the closest Sunday to the 40th day after death.

According to the Orthodox belief, Christ remained on earth for 40 days before his ascension to heaven. At this memorial service, which is part of the regular Sunday Church service the priest and family members pray for forgiveness and mercy for the soul of the deceased.

The family provides a tray of kollyva, boiled wheat prepared with sugar, almonds, sultanas and spices, covered with icing sugar and decorated with a cross and the deceased’s name.

  • The kollyva represents the soul of the deceased and symbolise everlasting life.
  • The wheat represents the life cycle of death and regeneration.


At the end of the service the kollyva are distributed to the congregation and usually after the memorial service relatives and friends are invited to join the family for a meal similar to the one served at the wake.


Chris & Maria Stamelos - Funeral Directors Melbourne - Victoria Funerals
Victoria Funerals conducts the majority of Greek Orthodox funerals in Melbourne. Chris and Maria are often seen in the midst of the Greek Orthodox community that has come to know them and respect them, as they participate in and sponsor Church festivals and fundraisers.


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