Preparation of the Body




In keeping with Greek Orthodox traditions, after the deceased has been washed the body is anointed with oil and wine. Next the deceased is covered by a ‘Savano’ (Σάβανο)

This is a white sheet which represents the shroud of Jesus on which is written ‘Jesus Christ Prevails’ (Ο Ιησούς Χρηστóς Νικά) The Savano is the first thing families see when they come to Victoria Funerals to participate in the dressing of their loved one. The chosen outfit then goes over this.

Those who have travelled to Jerusalem usually bring back with them a printed Savano which is displayed by being placed over the clothing. These can also be purchased from various Churches in Melbourne.

Victoria Funerals is honored to be the preferred Funeral Director for priests’ own funerals, having conducted the largest number of funerals for priests over the last two decades.

Chris & Maria Stamelos - Funeral Directors Melbourne - Victoria Funerals
Victoria Funerals conducts the majority of Greek Orthodox funerals in Melbourne. Chris and Maria are often seen in the midst of the Greek Orthodox community that has come to know them and respect them, as they participate in and sponsor Church festivals and fundraisers.


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At Victoria Funerals our personal touch and attention to detail ensures that your loved one will receive the most dignified farewell that he or she deserves. The scope of our funeral services includes booking the burial or cremation, obtaining the death certificate, Centrelink notification, casket or coffin selection, floral tribute selection, memorial cards, refreshments, funeral photography and more.